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About Our Shop

Kevin & April Browning have lived in Cleveland, AL for over 16 years now. After leading their first small group in their home a few years ago, they felt compelled to find more ways to reach their community. 

Even though neither April or Kevin were big coffee drinkers, in 2017 April felt led to open a coffee shop in their small town. It took a year to convince Kevin to even consider the idea, but after a lot of prayer and confirmation the dream began to become a reality. God opened doors to relationships that would play an integral part in making this dream come true.

They met with the owners of Non-Fiction Coffee Co. who supported and encouraged their dream & now supply the shop's amazing coffee. They met with the owners of Innova Coffee who felt they had the same calling to be a light to their community & through whom the Brownings were introduced to Amy Sibert who became their branding designer. Katie, owner of Karma's Coffee, answered hundreds of questions and to this day is still a huge help regarding all things coffee shop related. And  thanks to Jerry Wayne Thomas, Adam Thomas & the many guys from Redeemed Ministries, the coffee shop dream found a home & came true!

The most amazing part of the journey has been the support of the community and the ability to serve & give back to it.  Kevin & April, along with their 5 children, hope to continue serving Cleveland, Al through Kind Kups for years to come.


Our Mission

Kind Kups exist to provide a life giving atmosphere for community building and fellowship. To encourage our customers through acts of service and words of kindness. To impact our community by empowering self-worth and inspiring kindness, ultimately motivating them to give back.



We are proud to serve Non-Fiction Coffee because it is ethically sourced coffee. With every bag of Non-Fiction Coffee, we are dignifying the work of farmers and giving opportunities to villages through schools, medical clinics, and fresh water. For more on the mission behind the coffee, click below.

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